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In a post on DIPNOTE, The U.S. Department of State’s Official blog, Ashley Bommer, Special Advisor to Special Representative to Afghanistan & Pakistan Richard Holbrooke gave some great insight into the people of Pakistan and the conflict in the nation.  In the changing face of the nation, she discusses the current needs of the people and what the State Department is doing to help the people and give them hope.

Ms. Bommer recounts an email from The Director of Wireless at the Ministry of Information and Technology, writing, ” Social Connection can transform society and in Pakistan there is immense opportunity for using technology to deploy citizen centric services, that can help bring about socio economic change for the Pakistani people. Active involvement of Pakistani stakeholders both in the public and private sectors will be crucial to achieve optimal results.

The efforts of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are also discussed along with her support of Humari Awaz (“Our Voice”), Pakistan’s first mobile social network.  Clinton says that Humari Awaz is, “a service you can use on your cell phone to distribute news stories, to invite people to an event, to share your thoughts and opinions, to report problems that you see, to call for actions to solve those problems.”

Humari Awaz enables Pakistanis to build mobile-based networks around shared interests and themes.  Users can register for keywords to send alerts and subscribe to text message alerts all through the mobile device.  The U.S. State Department is supporting the program and is covering the costs of the first 24 million Humari Awaz messages.

Read the Entire Post- Secretary Clinton Encourages Use of New Media Communications in Pakistan

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