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UPDATE: Over $41 Million in text message donations raised for the Red Cross raised as of June 2010

Over 2 million Americans have responded with unprecedented generosity by texting ‘HAITI’ to 90999 in the first five days

DENVER, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ — The American public continued to respond generously to the disaster in Haiti by donating funds to support the relief effort using their mobile phones. The Red Cross Haiti mobile giving campaign has raised the largest amount ever for a text message charitable giving program, demonstrating the power and potential of mobile giving.

During peak giving periods, the mGive platform processes more than ten thousand dollars in text donations per minute. The mGive platform, which allows users to easily donate $10 to the Red Cross Haiti relief fund, has been the standard for mobile giving since 2008. Since that time, the mGive platform processed, reported, and audited all mobile donations in the US and is the platform of choice for high-volume campaigns like fundraising for the current crisis in Haiti.

Just hours after the earthquake, Katie Stanton at the U.S. State Department called James Eberhard, Chairman and CEO of Mobile Accord, the parent company for mGive. Eberhard was in Pakistan at the time, working on a mobile community solution. Within hours, the Red Cross, Mobile Accord’s mGive team, and the wireless community had created the capability for donors to text Haiti to 90999.

“mGive helped make technological history by working with the U.S. Department of State to establish a program quickly that has allowed more than 2 million Americans to direct support people in need in Haiti,” said Senior Advisor for Innovation in the Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Over 2 million Americans have taken a few moments to text “HAITI” to 90999 since the program was activated. In five days, the program has raised over $22 million dollars. Normally, funds from mobile campaigns are distributed to charitable organizations within 60-90 days as donations are collected through normal billing cycles. Given the urgency of the Haitian disaster, all major wireless carriers will expedite the distribution of funds. The wireless carriers and mGive waived all normal fees so 100 percent of every dollar donated will go to Haitian relief efforts.

“The devastation in Haiti has brought out the very best in people, and we feel it is our duty to do everything we can to help,” said James Eberhard, Chairman and CEO of Mobile Accord. “When we created the mobile giving channel we had always hoped to never have to use it in a situation like this, but in the wake of such a catastrophe, it has empowered all Americans with the ability to quickly respond and make an impact.”

For those who want to donate to the Red Cross effort in Haiti, a simple text message contributes $10 to the relief effort, billed to the donor’s mobile bill.

How to contribute:

  • Text the word HAITI to 90999 to give $10.
  • When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your one-time gift.
  • The $10 one-time donation will appear on your next mobile bill
  • Receipts can be printed at

The mGive Foundation is currently working with the wireless carriers to expedite payment to the Red Cross. Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director of the Foundation said, “The wireless carriers are working to ensure that these funds reach the Red Cross as quickly as possible. The donations raised through text messages will have a substantial impact upon the rescue and relief efforts.”

Mobile Accord’s mGive service enables charities to collect donations and manage campaigns via mobile phones. Learn more:

About mGive and Mobile Accord

Mobile Accord is the innovator and leader in mobile technology for nonprofit organizations, powering mobile donations in the United States. Founded in 2005, Mobile Accord was the first company in the U.S. to offer mobile tools specifically built for nonprofit organizations. Mobile Accord serves more than 200 leading U.S. philanthropic organizations and has raised more 95% of all funds raised via mobile giving. The mGive Foundation is the charitable partner of Mobile Accord.

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