In a global effort with The U.S. State Department and Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Technology, Mobile Accord today launched Humari Awaz (“Our Voice”)- Pakistan’s first, free mobile social network.

Humari Awaz enables Pakistanis to build mobile-based networks around shared interests and themes.  Users can register for keywords to send alerts and subscribe to text message alerts all through the mobile device.  The U.S. State Department is supporting the program and is covering the costs of the first 24 million Humari Awaz messages.

In addition to linking friends and families, the network will also help a range of other users – from farmers and resellers who want to share market prices, to businesses that wish to communicate with their staff on the road, to news outlets that want to share information with targeted groups.
Humari Awaz participants also have the option to identify themselves or remain anonymous.

U.S. Department of State press release on Humari Awaz

Mobile Accord is the technology backbone of the network, connecting with all five mobile phone networks enabling over 95 million Pakistanis to use the service.

To learn more about how to use Humari Awaz, SMS “HELP” or “MADAD” to 7111 in Pakistan.

UPDATE: In the first day of service over 20,000 texts were sent using the “Our Voice” platform: 703 user ids were created, 1,360 followers linked up, and 2,363 updates were posted. Over the first weekend, 1,564 keywords were registered, followers reached 7,012, and total SMS sent has reached 232,947.