Wow! I think I need to take a deep breath, push away from my desk and let this sink in for a moment…

I just finished building the first ever mobile giving campaign in the US! Text FIT to 864833 (UNITED) to donate $5.00 to the United Way Youth Fitness Programs.

It’s always been our mission here at Mobile Accord to make Mobile Giving a reality in America and it looks like all of our hard work over the last 2 ½ years is finally paying off. This is the first time in history that the major US wireless carriers have made a commitment to allow a 100% pass through rate on all monies donated for a non-disaster fundraising campaign. We could not be more optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead!

Imagine the next time you’re at an event, a concert, a rally or a lecture; when you’ve been moved to make a difference. Now imagine if all you had to do to make that difference was send a text message! Can you imagine if everyone around you did the same thing?

If we started giving this way, we could soon see the day when a need arose and was met; when obstacles appeared and were overcome; when you’re little sister found her altruistic side! WHOA!

A $5 donation, added to your monthly wireless bill, can be made up to 5 times per month and allow us all to take action at the moment we’re called upon. Here’s more about the NFL & United Way’s Text to Give Campaign set to launch Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, 2008!

February 1, 2008 – United Way announced today that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots will appear in a 10 second animated spot to advertise an innovative way for people to support United Way’s youth fitness programs. The ad, which will first be unveiled during the Super Bowl, encourages people to help kids get fit by texting “FIT” to “864833” (“United”). The text message will generate a five dollar donation charged directly to the donor’s cell phone bill.



I don’t know what else to say. Spread the Message: DON8!