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This space has been lonely for some time. No updates, no news, and, seemingly, no love. It’s been very quiet. There are reasons for this. Some practical, some exciting, some having to do with the Colorado Rockies.

First, the practical. We’ve moved offices. Have you ever noticed that moving is not at all fun and presents a handful of hassles? We have. The good news is that we’re settled and our new space will be great once they’re done with the build-out taking place all around us (did we mention hassles?). Our new address can be found here.

Next, the exciting. We have two brand new tools! The first is called Alert By Mobile which allows a campaign administrator to initiate an SMS blast to an opt-in base right from his or her mobile phone. Many times urgent information needs to be distributed on the spot by somebody who is not in front of a computer. Alert By Mobile takes care of this issue. After all, why shouldn’t the tools for mobile communication be mobile?

We’ve also created a tool called Text2Web. As the name so cleverly implies, Text2Web is a widget that displays people’s text messages on your website in a scrolling fashion. This is great for mobile petitions, messages of support, constituent feedback, etc. We’ve also made Text2Web extremely easy to deploy and manage. Simply copy and paste the Text2Web widget code from our extranet onto your website and – voila – you’re done! Text2Web’s administrative tools allow for message moderation, number blocking, etc.

Give us a call or shoot us a note and we’ll be glad to give you a test drive of these shiny new tools. We’ll also be glad to give you a test drive of our other tools as well, which are equally as shiny.

And last, the Colorado Rockies. Since May 22 they have the best record in the National League and last night clinched their first playoff birth since 1995. We love watching these guys. Go Rockies!


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